Data Scraping

Data Scraping

First, what is Data Scraping?

Simply put, data scraping is the practice of one program that "extracts" the data as being displayed by ANOTHER program and then saves it after extraction, this is the bottom line about data scraping

The need and reasons behind such an exercise may be numerous and our clients may have multiple reasons why they would like to hire us for data scraping.

Our customers may wish to extract data from different websites for one reason or another or they may simply want to extract data in large quantities for performing analysis later on.

Whatever the reason behind data scraping, we would like to serve each of our clients in a befitting manner by offering to them data of any kind, including but not limited to, real estate, financial, product pricing, news, recruitment, auctions and the list goes on and on......

In addition, once data has been extracted, it needs to be available in a way that it can easily be read and understood for patterns, links, et cetera.

For the same reason, we make our extracted data available in any format of your choosing, a format that you feel comfortable in. We can deliver the data files in MS Excel, as CSV files, or even as XML files. You choose we deliver.

So, rest assured that we will extract all the data that you are aiming at, and that we will present it to you such that you feel at ease going through it by being able to do so in a uniformed and disciplined manner even though the data that is extracted may be raw in nature.

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