E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce Websites

Are you looking out for setting up an e-commerce website for selling your products online? If you are, then rest assured that our company can help you build that website and make it running in a matter of weeks!

There are different aspects of an e-commerce website which we have in mind and the positive features that we will incorporate into the platform we create for you.

One is that we will help you create an online merchant account and also a payment gateway first of all, so that you can conduct real-time online transactions using a credit card over your e-commerce website.

Secondly, what we will do is that we will install a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) over your e-commerce platform so that all the transactions conducted in real-time on your website are secure. This means that the financial data that is given out to conduct transactions online over the internet is encrypted so as to be secure from access by third parties who cannot therefore access it and decrypt it and thus misuse it. SSL is actually the standard over the World Wide Web for financial data when it is transmitted online.

Another thing that you will be able to do using your e-commerce platform is being able to look up past orders that you have dispatched.

Moreover, customer database integration is also provided for in the e-commerce platform so that you can take a look at the customers whom you have served anytime and use this data mine for analysis and for projecting your sales into the future or for any other purpose useful for your business.

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