SaaS Development

SaaS Development

Gone are the days when users had to spend a huge amount of money on purchasing a software from a software vending company as it was accompanied by incurring cost on licensing, hardware, installation and setting up the infrastructure. Things got even more complicated when it came to a customized software fulfilling your requirements. Modern is the era of technological advancements and only intelligent and smart decision-making businesses are expected to survive and excel as the future belongs to Cloud computing in general and (SaaS) in particular.

YooshaySoft Technologies is well aware of the importance and significance of SaaS in modern scenario and is keen to help you develop SaaS solutions that serve your clients with the latest technology at affordable cost. It simply keeps your clients away from arranging a server and other installation costs. All your clients need to do is to pay a monthly subscription to you and ground will be all even and smooth for your clients in terms of high speed, Auto scaling, Automatic Software updates and minimum IT infrastructure. We offer

• SaaS for single user personal use
• SaaS for single user personal use
• SaaS for multi-users commercial use

So just shake hand with YST and enjoy a hassle free software for your clients that cost you less and provides great value to your clients.

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